• Package Deal Pricing •

Pricing – Includes commercial grade pillow block bearings \ shaft lock down collars \ enamel primed \ painted solid steel metal rotors \ shaft \ vertical supports \ overhead spill-box \ solid copper water supply line with wheel speed & flow cut off control \ ^ delivery available.

All circular size 12 inch deep Ponds with any size Waterwheel standard cost $39.50 sq. ft & up.

-Choose Pond Cement color.
(natural \ rose \ tan)
-Choose color of flag stone
(gray \ tan \ brown) located at all outside rim edges of pond.
- Choose location of low-voltage lighting. (3 tier-2 spots).
-Waterwheel Pump & Timer Control Included



• Waterwheel Package:

(1) Steel shaft.
(2) Pillow block bearings \w grease zerks.
(2) Power primed and painted Steel 1\4" thick rotor plates.
(1) Vertical Top Supply spill box with special designed Copper speed control valve.
(2) Water Wheel Vertical Wheel Supports.
(4) Mounting Bearing Lag bolts.
(16) Bolts\ nuts \ washes. (already assembled)
(1) Fully Constructed Antique Waterwheel

•Ponderosa pine (non-arsenic)

*3ft $459.00 model #2550-03pt
*4ft $559.00 model #2551-04pt
*5ft $769.00 model #2552-05pt
*6ft $969.00 model #2553-06pt

•Quality Cut Rustic Cedar

3ft $510.00 model #2550-03cd
4ft $610.00 model #2551-04cd
5ft $869.00 model #2552-05cd
6ft $1069.00 model #2553-06cd
7ft $1568.00 model #2554-07cd
8ft $2554.00 model #2555-08cd
9ft $3195.00 model #2556-09cd
10ft $3495.00 model #2557-10cd

• Pond Package Price List:

*3ft $790.00
*4ft $987.50
*5ft $1185.00
6ft $1580.00
7ft $2172.50
8ft $2765.00
9ft $3395.00
10ft $3495.00

* 3-5 ft Pond Inserts used with Flag Stone.



• Back Yard Ponds & Wheel Package Price List:

(1) Spot & Tier Low voltage lighting \ timer.
(1) Waterwheel Pump \ Supply line.
(1) Waterwheel Pump Timer Control.
Flag stone rim with mortar base
Compleate Waterwheel\pond Installation
Fully Assembled Waterwheel Package.

PRICES REFLECT Premium Pressure Treated Ponderosa pine (non-arsenic) Waterwheel

3ft $1649.00 model #2550-03ptpp 20sq\ft
4ft $2301.50 model #2551-04ptpp 20sq\ft
5ft $2954.00 model #2552-05ptpp 30sq\ft
6ft $3905.00 model #2553-06ptpp 40sq\ft

Quality Cut Rustic Cedar
3ft $1748.00 model #2550-03cdpp 20sq\ft
4ft $2405.00 model #2551-04cdpp 20sq\ft
5ft $3053.00 model #2552-05cdpp 30sq\ft
6ft $4004.00 model #2553-06cdpp 40sq\ft
7ft $5139.00 model #2554-07cdpp 55sq\ft
8ft $6374.00 model #2555-08cdpp 70sq\ft
9ft $8406.00 model #2556-09cdpp 90sq\ft
10ft $9445.00 model #2557-10cdpp 100sq\ft


Note: Ponds not offered without Package deals. All Waterwheels can be purchased separately, installation offered @ $65 per/hr min 2hrs.


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